April 12, 2005
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We're glad you have decided to visit ChristianDiscs.com. We want to be your favorite place to buy Christian music on the web, and we are constantly reworking and upgrading the site to make your stay an enjoyable one. Please feel free to write us and tell what you think, or what you would like to see.

Our Philosophy:
We want to provide an outlet for you to get your favorite Christian artists at a reasonable price, and hopefully find some cool new stuff along the way. We're here because we're into music, not just because we like selling stuff.

We want to sell you cd's, but we also think you should support your favorite Christian artists anyway you can. In other words, if they will be playing in your area anytime soon, buy your cd's from them. That way they make the $$, and most bands need it. And buy their T-shirts and stickers, and whatever else. With a very few exceptions, most of these artists have real jobs, too.

Our Privacy Guarantee:
If you sign up for a mailing list, or purchase something from us here at ChristianDiscs, the only communication you get will be directly from us. Unless we have prior approval by you, we will not release your name or email address to any other company, ever. We appreciate your business and realize that you probably get enough junk email already.

Where we are at:
ChristianDiscs is an online business only, and as such, we currently do not have a storefront. So no, you can't come visit. Not that we wouldn't love to have you over for tea or something, but...

Our mailing address is:

2705 South Pike Ave.
Allentown, PA

Customer service email: [email protected]



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