May 7, 2005
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We usually ship orders within 2 business days of reciept, however, this is not always possible. Reasons for not shipping immediately vary, but here's two of the most common:

Order contains pre-order(s)
All items not currently in stock

US Orders:
The US Postal service recently increased the shipping rates, but they are still the most cost effective way to ship discs. If you are ordering more than 3 discs, your order will automatically upgraded to US Priority mail. The Post Office supplies us the Priority Mail cartons for free, which means the shipping cost per cd is very reasonable.

Currently, the rates start at $2.29 for regular First Class, and $4.49 for Priority Mail. If you order more than 3 discs, Priority Mail becomes much more reasonable than regular mail. (These charges are for most discs, some multiple discs are larger and heavier, therefore cost more to ship. The shopping cart will calculate the proper amount automatically.)

If you want to see exactly what the shipping will be for your order, you can see the shipping options and totals on the shopping cart page before you place the order. That way there won't be any surprises.

*Please note that just because you choose Priority mail, does not always mean you will get your order quicker. It does means that when the order ships, it will ship via priority mail.

Foriegn Orders:
Due to the recent rash of non-U.S. fraudulent credit card charges, all orders NOT shipping to the following countries will be held until we can verify the card: USA, Canada, UK, Australia. We hate to have to do this, but unfortunately it has become necessary.

If you are ordering from outside the US, determining the proper shipping gets a little tougher. Canda / Mexico is pretty simple. The rest of the world should either use international airmail, or Global Priority. With Global Priority, we can ship up to 6 discs for $11.00. However, Global Priority is not available for Africa or the Middle East, so you MUST choose international air. It is available most of Europe, South America, and the Pacific Rim (Australia). Also be aware that to ship Global Priority for $11.00, we need to use an envelope, rather than a box. This means the risk of broken jewel cases is greater. If you order more than 6 cd's, and you choose Global Priority, we can still ship for $11.00 if we remove the discs from the jewel cases and ship only the discs and the inserts. This way we can ship up to 20 discs in one envelope for $11.00. DVDs are a different story entirely, since they have much larger cases. Only 3 DVDs will fit in one envelope, so your shipping will be adjusted accordingly.

* Please note: Any foreign order selecting Global Priority that is over 6 discs will automatically be shipped without the jewel cases. If you would prefer to get the jewel cases as well, you need to let us know and we'll ship in multiple envelopes. (and charge you the appropriate costs)

Important: If you order via check or money order outside the US, we must have either an international money order for the amount in US Dollars, or US cash. Checks drawn on non-US banks are NOT acceptable, and the order will not ship.

Important II: If you select US shipping, and do not live in the US, you will be charged any additional shipping amount without being notified. Please make sure you select the correct shipping type for where you live.

For large orders (over 25 cds), or international orders (outside the US), please feel free to write us concerning alternate shipping methods and costs.

Oh yeah....we are not responsible for lost or misdirected mail.(sorry)

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Defective cd's can be exchanged for the same title only. Buyer is responsible for return shipping, we'll pick up the tab going back out to you. We'll cover your postage back to us with a gift certificate for a future purchase. Cracked or broken jewel cases are not considered defective.

New, unopened cd's can be returned within 30 days for store credit. You are responsible for all shipping charges.

Opened cd's that are not defective can not be returned, due to copyright laws.

Incorrect orders should be returned to us with a note explaing the situation. We'll get the proper order out as soon as we can, along with a gift certificate to cover your postage and for your trouble.

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OOP (out of print)

Because of the nature of the Christian music market, cd's are discontinued or go out of print rather rapidly. If an item you ordered is not in stock, and we are unable to get it from any of our sources within a few weeks, you have these options:

1) You can get your money back. Simple.

2) You can have the cost of the item as a gift certificate, which you can use for anything else in the catalogue.

3) Or you can just pick someting else out.

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Payment Methods

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and now Paypal.. These orders generally ship quicker, as we don't have to wait for payment. We also accept personal checks and money orders. To place an order with a check, just use the shopping cart like normal, and select check/money order as payment type. These need to be mailed in, and will be held for 7-10 days to make sure they clear before the order ships. As much as we hate to do it, we now have to charge $15 for returned checks, as that's what it costs us.

Partial Orders / All items not currently in stock

We are a small company, and it is virtually impossible to keep every title in stock at all times. Sometimes a certain album unexpectedly sells a large number of copies and we run out. Record companies run out of product, so when they are out, we can't replenish. Sometimes record companies won't even press anymore cd's until they get enough orders to warrant it. While we try to minimize out of stock situations, it happens. Sometimes stuff is out of stock. It can't be helped.

Our policy is if the order is over 5 discs, and we have the majority of the order, we will ship a partial order, and ship the remainder when it is available at no additional shipping charge to you. We think that is a pretty fair way to deal with an unfortunate situation.

This policy does not apply to non-US orders, as the shipping costs make that prohibative.

Partial Orders / Pre-orders

Orders containing both current items and pre-order items will be held until the pre-order item is available. If you would prefer to get the current items right away, then please place 2 orders, one with the pre-orders only, and one with current items only.

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